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Digital Experts is a locksmith company based in Dubai. We offer locksmith services and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial premises across different cities in Dubai. Our services are available through a 24-hour time frame. We also offer master key services including making and repair of master keys for residential, automotive, commercial, access control and emergency locksmith services. We serve different cities including Emirates Hill, Deira Dubai, Dubai Marina, Satwa, and Media City among others. From making a perfect master key, to handling all emergency services, Digital Experts Locksmith has specially - trained experts for all your needs.

Digital Experts Master Key services

A Master Key system is a hierarchy of keys with locks that allow different key holders to access to a building through pre-defined doors.

In a Master Key system, all or particular areas of the building will be accessible through modern access control. This helps in maintain better control, saves on the cost of key replacement, allows easy access to rooms within the building and conveniently saves lives in case of emergencies. Master Key systems are used in small, medium-sized and large organizations including residential and commercial buildings.

Types of Master Key systems

There are varying levels and types of Master Keys systems in the market today. The type of locking system depends on the level of security requirement. Digital Experts Dubai specializes in making the following master key systems;

The General main group system

In this system, several different main groups and subordinate groups (with their own keys) are all combined together under a general master key according to the organization’s structure. The general master key system can operate all cylinders in the system. The general master key is retained by the top most managerial level. This system is most suitable for complex organizations such as industries, airports and other installations that require implementation of complex authorizations.

The Main Key system

The main key system is one in which a master key is assigned to different locking cylinders. The system is suitable for large commercial ventures and corporations.

The Central lock system

This is a central locking system with a technical master key. Each locking cylinder has its own master key. A good example is applicable in residential flats where each resident locks the main entrance door, the individual flat and the post box using a single master key assigned to the resident. The system does not have a higher order Master Key.

The Combined Master Key system

The combined master key system is a more complicated locking system in which an electronic locking system is used in addition to the mechanical master key. The combined system can only be accessed by means of user identification.

Master Key lock brands

At Digital Experts Locksmith Dubai, we stock varying types of master key locks including include; Yale, ISIO, Corbin, Russwin, Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Deadlocks, Door bolts, Sash locks, Mortice locks and much more.

Benefits of a Master Key lock

The overriding benefit of a Master Key system is the ability to control accessibility to predetermined locations. Other benefits include;

  • It is easier to define who exactly can access a specific location
  • The system is easy to use, as only a single key is required to access multiple doors
  • With only a few keys, security of the premise is guaranteed
  • All internal and main entrance doors are only locked by one key
  • A flexible and tailor – made system with a logical numbering system
  • Better control of the premises and significant reduction of expenses incurred in key replacement
  • It helps in creating an organized system as different zones can be assigned unique identification colors

Bottom Line

Peace of mind in any property comes from knowing that only authorized persons can access designated areas. The convenience of having a master key guarantees ample security. The system can, however, be challenging when not handled by professional experts. Government buildings, private residences and business premises all require security access control systems. With expert technicians and many years of experience, Digital Experts Locksmith Dubai is the expert to trust to get it done perfectly at all times. When looking for a Master Key maker in Dubai, we have all it takes to deliver the safety and convenience that you need.

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