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Locksmith dubai provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services to deal with any of your lost keys incidents. Operating day and night across dubai and the local area we ensure the best locksmith service by professionals at most competitive prices.

The mystery of lost keys, which are preventing you from getting access to your house, doesn't have to be a real hassle. Due to your situation we can try and assess what can be done over the phone and provide you with advice and in case you need one, also a good locksmith and lost keys services.

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Lost keys – An Overview and Tips

Lost keys can be an extremely frustrating experience especially if there are no spare keys made or not available with your neighbour or friend. This is also a security concern because your lost keys may also fall into the wrong hands of criminals and burglars and together with a clue of where you live (such as when you lose your bag with papers that could contain your home address) that could be a major concern. Finding the most efficient and suitable way of replacing the lost keys is critical. The easiest method for making quick work out of the lost keys event is by hiring the local locksmith. This will ensure that your home stays safe and secure.

Locating an Emergency Locksmith

The mobile, emergency locksmiths are available right through the Dubai metropolitan area just similar to all the numerous cities in England. In addition to providing 24 hour emergency lost keys services that includes opening doors and changing locks, these locksmiths perform a number of other duties such as keyless entry system or key holding services that could help you prevent or deal more efficiently with a future event of lost keys. It does not matter where you are situated in the greater Dubai area, an emergency locksmiths will come for your help in the event of lost keys and will provide onsite keys solutions.

In case you do not have an emergency locksmith's telephone number with you, the easiest method for locating one in Dubai is via Internet. On the Internet, you will find a wide range of locksmith that can help you with your lost keys situation.

Keys Locator Alarm

In case a lost key is a frequent situation for you indoors as much as it happens outside your home; it is a good idea to get a key chain having a locator alarm. If you press a button on this locator, it will make the keys go "beep" thereby permitting you to narrow down the exact location. Remember to keep the locator in a easily remembered and safe spot. However, lost keys locator alarm is more efficient when you lose your keys inside and around your property and would not be useful when the lost keys are in a place away from you.

Things you can try

If you haven't used a key to lock the door and only slammed it shut, you can try to unlock the door from inside. In case you have a mailbox and the lock is a handle lock and a latch deadbolt, you can try slipping the lock latch with a plastic card (like a credit card or a plastic membership card).

In case of lost keys when the door is open, you can also remove the lock and take it to your local locksmith to make a key out of it. For removing the lock or the doorknob, you will need a screw driver and you will have to unscrew the screws the screws of the lock that are normally located the inside of the front door or between the door and the frame (sometimes you will need to also remove the lock plate which is holding the locking mechanism in its place). After unscrewing the lock into parts, take these to a local locksmith. For most locks they'll be able to make new keys and finish and help you forget about the lost keys, saving you up to few hundreds of pound if considering the locksmith's labor cost. If you do decide to disassemble the locks yourself, ensure that you have someone reliable staying at the house to detract the possible intruders while you are visiting the local locksmith to re-key the locks. It's recommended that all door locks that use to have the same keys should be either re-keyed or replaced.

Live care free about lost keys

As a preparation for lost keys event and to best ensure your piece of mind, always create at least three copies of your new key. Keep one in the key ring, have one with a trustworthy neighbour or friend and leave the last one hidden inside your car, at work or at some safe location that only you know of in case you find out you have lost your keys.

You may also want to consider a key holding service. Locksmiths that provide key holding services will keep your keys safe and secure for whenever you need them and for times when you have lost your keys. This service is usually inexpensive and fairly safe if you place your keys in the hands of a reliable locksmith firm.


Always pick the better option regarding you situation if you're lock at late night and it's freezing outside you might as well just go to a nearby place where you can be warm and safe and just call your local locksmith to sort the issue for you easy and efficiently. In case loosing keys is a frequent thing for you and an unbreakable habit, you can think of installing key code or the electronic keyless entry locks rather than the everyday standard locks, thou price for these may be more expensive and security effectiveness lesser.

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