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If you are locked out due to a faulty lock, lost keys, or for any reason it may be, we can help getting you back into your property with speed and efficiency that only professionals can assure you. We operate across London and the local suburbs and can usually be with you within 30 minutes of your call.

Our lock defeating techniques will make sure that your premises suffer minimal damage and that the locks might be reusable. Our technicians will only take the most suited lock opening methods to ensure least costs to you are incurred and make sure that the door is properly secure before leaving your property.

LockSmith Dubai 24-hour service has a best team of well-trained locksmiths, at your service at any hour.

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Losing your keys or locking them inside is easily done. You're not paying attention as you grab your belongings, or there's a hole in your handbag. Maybe you accidentally and unwittingly turn your jacket upside-down when you pick it up. All these are simple every day motions that can lead to a lost key. So, the chances of losing a key and facing a locked door to your own house or office premise is relatively high during a life time. This is why being prepared to handle such a situation can take away the trauma from this, if you ever have to face being locked out. Lock outs due to faulty door and lock mechanisms are harder to prevent. Below are some tips about what you can do before and after getting locked out.

If you find yourself locked outside your home or office, and the reason being is a slammed shut door (if you haven't used a key to lock it and when locks are not faulty), there is one thing you can try before calling a locksmith. Using a plastic card such as a credit or oyster card, you can try slipping the latch of the lock while inserting the card between the door and the frame at the height of the cylinder. Other methods of opening doors requires special tools and it's better not to try anything else if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Simply because the result could be more damage than success and higher costs of repairs.

If you decide to call a locksmith, try to look for someone reliable using the help of friends and relatives or the internet.

Make sure that the locksmith has you contact number and if you don't have one available, that they have the full address and knows how to find you.

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