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Filing Cabinet Locks

In Dubai, a city of 2.6 million, Locksmith Dubai have provided filing cabinet locks for hundreds of clients. Thousands of business enterprises uses filing cabinets in their offices. The cabinets are made from metal, wood, or hard plastic. We are the premier providers of all services appertaining to filing cabinet locks. Our range of expertise covers, installation, repairs, replacements and even advisory. Filing cabinets exist in different sizes, types, and models. Most of these cabinets need proper locking system because of the valuable files stored in there. Cabinet locking systems around Dubai vary in pricing, quality, and complexity.

Cabinet Locks Installation

Many filing cabinets in Dubai come with pre-fitted locks. However, there are those that don't have a pre-fitted locking system. It's up to the filing cabinet buyer to install it after purchase. As a team, Locksmith Dubai do install locks onto these cabinets. We have the tools necessary to take measurements and advise you on the best locks that would be appropriate for your type of cabinet. We can also source for you the best locks from dealers around Dubai. We can even customize the locking system to reinforce it further. Most of the locks that we install last for years and provide security and exclusivity for your files and valuables.

Cabinet Locks Repair

In many offices around Dubai, the locking system of many cabinets is in need of repair. Some of these files break down to poor quality. Some are vandalized while others damaged due to wear and tear. The damage to these locking systems is usually not severe enough as to render the lock unfit. Besides installation, we are able to diagnose and provide repair services for your cabinet locking system. We’ll analyse the lock and solder it or change some of its parts to make it sturdy and durable. Our repair services are quickly, quality, and comprehensive.

Cabinet Locks Replacement

There are filing cabinets that come with weak or ineffectual locks. There also those with locks that are so damaged that repairs aren't possible. In such instances, we provide replacement services. Usually, damage to the locking system often does a degree of damage to the area around the lock. That’s why we not only replace the locks, we also fix the area around the locking for any potential damage or weaknesses. When it comes to lock replacement, we’ll source for the best locks around Dubai that are durable yet affordable for your filing cabinet.

Filing Cabinet Unlock

We can unlock the unit in case you have lost the keys or the locks have jammed. The locks could jam due to mishandling, rust. It could also jam due to a dent that alters the pins, the shear line or the tension wrench. In such cases, the locking system doesn’t need to be replaced but simply serviced. We are able to inspect the locks and diagnose the problem then fix it. We use graphite, greases, and even ether-based cleaners to soften jammed locks. We can also dismantle the locking system with minimal damage to the area around it and then fix it back.

Why Choose Locksmith Dubai Services?

Your cabinet is a critical part of your security because its hosts most of the company files. Lots of offices around Dubai lose their sensitive documents due to theft, damage or mishandling. The sad truth is that this is very preventable. Quality, well-serviced locking systems in filing cabinets are the first line of security for your company documents. Dubai Locksmith fixes lots of cabinet locking systems with different needs every week. We are available and offer cabinet locking systems services at very affordable prices. By enlisting us, you’ll be joining a long list of satisfied clients around Dubai whom we’ve worked with for years.

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