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Going by the name, Digital Experts, we offer locksmith service and solutions in and around Dubai City. Among the services is auto locksmith solutions, ensuring that we keep our clients happy when accessing their vehicles as well as promote the overall security of their cars. Additionally, our car locksmith solutions go for all models and brands of vehicles found in Dubai City. They include; Hummer, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, BMW, Acura, GMC, Chevrolet and Jeep among others.

Apart from cars and vehicles, we also deal with the replacement and duplication of keys of other automobiles, for example, forklifts, lawn mowers and motorcycles, which may have different locks systems compared to those found in cars and vehicles. Additionally, these locks need special attention, experts and skill in fixing and operating them, and this is where Digital Experts, come in.

Car Key Duplication

Car key duplication is essential for both large and small companies, who have squeezed resources regarding transport. Here, multiple employees can have duplicates of the car or vehicle keys, to operate a given car when need be.

Additionally, duplication of car keys applies to also households who need to create some spare keys for their vehicle. Duplicate keys can operate the vehicle, without necessarily having the original key at hand.

Digital Expert auto key duplication offers the following services;

Transponder Key Duplication

A transponder chip works as a vehicle immobilizer. When the car key starts the engine, the engine sends a signal to the key, and when the message is reverted, the engine control unit proceeds to start the engine.

However, when keys are tampered with, it may cause problems for your everyday use of the car. It is, therefore, important that you get a transponder key duplicate from us because you will avoid the actual wait for several weeks of getting a duplicate key.

Additionally, we charge a reasonable price for these type of keys, saving you the excessively high costs in the creation of a brand new group of secrets for the vehicle. You only have to contact us, and we move with speed to remove the unnecessary process of towing your vehicle to our premises to handle a crucial change on your auto keys.

Smart Key Duplicate

Most auto owners in Dubai have a replication of the different kinds of smart car keys. The reason behind this tendency is that smart keys come with their demerits, for example, they are prone to wearing off due to constant contact with electric and magnetic fields, metallic objects or even the batteries being depleted without the owners noticing, thanks to the continuous utilization of one pair of smart key.

To avoid embarrassments when you most need to use the vehicle, contact our firm to create an additional group of smart keys and secrets. Duplicating your smart keys will secure the car the occurrences as mentioned earlier take place or even when you misplace your initial group of codes.

Moreover, Digital Experts will help you program the duplicate smart keys to work with your car signals, thanks to our top-notch technology, gears and skills in our possession. We will reprogram the duplicate smart keys to function together with your vehicle's immobilizer.

In case you worry that the smart key’s codes get stolen, we are going to involve you in the actual re-coding of your own vehicle's immobilizer after designing the new car keys. By doing this, we are promoting your security and that of your automobile, and you should have absolutely no cause to become concerned about unauthorized access to your vehicle.

Hire Us for Your Car Key Duplication Process Because;

  • Digital Experts Locksmith only sticks to the performing the requested service with professional advice being offered to a customer. We do not hard-sell accessories to our clients during the car keys duplication process.
  • We have experienced professionals in duplication of different auto key needs, both digital and manual keys.
  • Our experts guide clients in coding and re-coding digital car keys.
  • We provide best services and reasonable prices around Dubai for both manual and digital auto key repair and duplicate.

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