Locksmith Dubai - Car Key Replacement

Losing your car keys in Dubai can be extremely frustrating due to the number of major brands that are imported and do not have local dealerships. However, instead of having to order away for a new set of car keys, you can rely on the highest rated Dubai locksmith to create a new set for you quickly and for a low price.

Traditional Car Keys

Some car owners may be too young to remember, but there was a time when all car keys were simple designs similar to what you use to lock your house or apartment. Even the ignition key was simply a specialty cut that let you turn the ignition shaft when it fit correctly inside.

For people who still own cars with traditional keys, the process of replacing your car keys is a simple one. All that you need to do is find your car's VIN (vehicle identification number), which can be found on the driver's side corner of the dash or inside the door on the driver's side. The VIN identifies your car's unique origin, and provides all the information about the make and model that auto locksmiths and auto mechanics need to address problems with your car.

Using the information from the VIN of your car, our Dubai locksmith will use the latest key cutting technologies to fashion a new set of keys for your car to replace the ones that you lost. This process is quick and cheap, and does not require any expensive towing.

Electronic Car Keys

Newer car models all have some form of electronics inside them, whether that is a fob that opens and locks the car remotely or a transponder chip inside the ignition key that acts as a security precaution against car theft. As premiere auto locksmiths in Dubai, we have the knowledge and tools to recreate an electronic set of car keys, including a fob and transponder ignition key, and we can also program them both so that they work just like your original set.

Similar to a traditional set of car keys, we will use your VIN to find the information that we need to design and program a new set of car keys for you to replace the ones that you have lost. This process takes longer than a traditional set, however, due to the need to program the electronics to match your car's unique signature.

That said, it is still a relatively quick process that does not require any towing or sending away for materials. We can quickly and cheaply get you back on the road as if you never lost your car keys at all.

Examples of the Major Vehicle Brand Keys That Our Auto Locksmith Provides Services For:

  • Toyota key replacement
  • Nissan key replacement
  • BMW key replacement
  • Range Rover key replacement
  • Honda key replacement
  • Mitsubishi key replacement
  • KIA key replacement
  • Mazda key replacement
  • Mercedes key replacement
  • Land Rover key replacement
  • Audi key replacement

Broken Electronic Car Keys

You may not have lost your car keys, but they may no longer work or have started to break down due to damage or just plain wear and tear over the years. While it is possible to fix electronic car keys, it is actually just easier, quicker and cheaper to have a new set made. The time and effort that it takes to identify the problem and find a solution, if there is one, is usually far more than it takes to just have a new set of car keys made.

There is no need to suffer with electronic car keys that do not work perfectly every time. It is quick and cheap to have a brand new set made, and you can get back on the road without the frustration and danger of relying on broken electronic car keys.

Always Have a Spare Set of Car Keys

Many people rely solely on the original set of keys that they received when they bought or leased their car. Most people do not realize how easy it is to lose a set of car keys and how much they rely on their cars until they cannot access them because they lost their keys. Car keys are also extremely easy to break or damage, especially with the use of more fragile electronic car keys that have delicate electronics inside.

The time and cost that it takes to have a spare set of car keys made is insignificant compared to the time and money that you can waste by not being able to use your car due to a lost or broken set of car keys, not to mention the risk to yourself and your family in emergency situations. Everyone should have a spare set of car keys at all times to ensure that they will have the use of their car when they need it most.

We pride ourselves on offering the best car key copying services in Dubai, and creating a spare set of car keys for you quickly and for a low cost. Call us today to have your spare set of car keys made, so you can drive comfortably knowing that you will always have the use of your car when you need it most.

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