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Car Key Programming by the Best Auto Locksmith in Dubai

Almost everyone has had the annoying and frustrating experience of losing their car keys. Now there is the added frustration of losing your remote or smart key, which often requires access to smart key programming or remote key programming before you can get back on the road.

The process for smart key programming will depend on the model and brand of your vehicle. Most keys now contain transponder chips that communicate with the vehicle electronically as part of the theft-prevention system. The ignition will not start unless the key's programming matches up with the vehicle's. In some newer vehicles, the transponder needs to be the precise distance of a key that is fully-inserted, but the vast majority of cars are a little more forgiving and only need the transponder to be within a general minimum range. Many new systems also have a separate device for the vehicle's door locks, which may also involve transponder key programming.

What to Do When You Have Lost All Your Keys

Lost, broken or stolen car keys are simple to replace using a qualified Dubai locksmith. Your best locksmith in Dubai will have a new key programmed and cut for your vehicle. The cost of replacing your lost keys will depend on the type of keys that are needed. Older keys without transponders cost little, while newer keys with transponders may cost more due to the need to program the keys so that they work in the ignition, as opposed to just being able to turn the locks on the doors and trunk.

Programming a Key-Less Entry Remote By Yourself

Every vehicle will require a distinct process for programming a new remote. For example, Toyota car key programming is different from the car key programming for other brands of vehicles. Most brands of car keys require programming by a professional Dubai locksmith.

Locations That Cut and Program Remote Car Keys With Transponders

If you are fortunate enough to have a local car dealership within easy access, then they should be able to get you back on the road quickly enough. However, if there are no car dealerships for your brand and make of vehicle in your area, then you can rely on the best auto locksmith company in Dubai. We can cut a new key and program it and your fob so that you can get back on the road as if nothing ever happened.

We are able to program car keys for these major automotive brands and more:

  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Range Rover
  • Land Rover
  • Mazda
  • Toyota
  • KIA

Determining Whether or Not Your Key Contains a Transponder Chip

You can bring a key to most car dealerships, hardware stores and auto locksmiths in Dubai to determine whether a key contains a transponder chip.

You can also tell whether or not your main car key has a transponder chip by using the spare key on the ignition. A spare key made as a copy of your main key will be able to open the doors and the trunk, but it will not be able to start the ignition if your main key contains a transponder chip.

The simplest way by far to determine whether or not you car key has a transponder chip inside it is to just examine it. A key that has a pronounced casing made from plastic around its bow (the top of the key) usually indicates that the key has a chip inside it.

Keys That Fail After Being Cut

If you have recently had a new key cut and it fails to start the ignition of your vehicle, then it may need to be programmed. You can visit the top Dubai auto locksmith to have your new key programmed so that it works on the ignition of any major brand of contemporary vehicle.

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