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Installing, Repairing & Replacing Cabinet Locks

As the premier cabinet lock installation and repair firms in Dubai, we handle thousands of cabinet locks annually. Cabinets are such a central part of many offices and homes in downtown Dubai. Cabinet serves lots of purposes both as storage, and security safe for valuable documents. That’s why Cabinet safety is so critical. Most offices have up to three cabinets within a suite. Cabinets can be used in offices, homes, schools, etc. These cabinets could be made from wood, steel, fiberglass, or reinforced plastics. They vary in sizes, locking system, texture, colors, and internal structure.

Cabinet Lock Installation

Most often when you buy a cabinet, it comes with a fixed lock. However, we increasingly meet clients who are not satisfied with the quality of the fixed lock. We advise these customers on the strongest locks in the market as well as carry out the reinstallation of the cabinet locks. Some cabinets are bought without locks, and we provide installation services for a secure lock system. Having been in the locking system industry for long, we know the best quality, locks how to fix them and how to test their strength and versatility. Our installation mechanisms ensure minimal drilling and alteration of the cabinet system.

Cabinet Lock Repairs

Cabinet locks fail for a variety of reasons. These could range from break-ins, rust, poor quality, aging or excessive pressure due to poor fixing. Sometimes the damage to the locking system isn’t bad enough to warrant replacement. In such instances, we can opt to repair the lock for you. Given that we handle hundreds of cabinet locks annually we have the skills, the experience, the expertise and the ability to figure out the best way to fix your lock within minutes of examining it. We offer the best prices for cabinet lock repairs here in Dubai.

Cabinet Lock Replacement

Sometimes you may not like the quality or the design of the original lock. Or you may want to reinforce the cabinet locking system further. Sometimes the lock may fail, and the only remedy is a replacement. Time and again we encounter clients like you within Dubai. In all these instances we do source for the best replacement lock and refit it for you at very competitive pricing. Given that we regularly source for locks for clients, we know the safest and most efficient locks that are currently in the market.

Locksmith services

For many customers, our experience and skills come in handy when it comes to locks installation, repair, replacement, and advisory. Our skill sets range from wiring, key recognition, lock manipulation, lock reinforcement, welding, woodwork, pivot and hinges, auto-mechanics, and general labor. We also have the ability to give you valuation upfront and provide an estimate of the timeframe required to finish the job. Over and above that we uphold an effective code of conduct as part of our customer service. Our range of work includes metal cabinet locks, drawer locks, file locks, etc.

Why Choose Us?

For homes, offices and schools, the safety of your items in a cabinet is very critical. The losses accrued through cabinet break-ins amounts to millions of dollars yet locking systems costs a few tens of dollars. When you hire our services, you will become part of a long line of satisfied clients across Dubai who depend on our services annually. As the types and varieties of cabinets increase in the market so is the need for repair, installation, and replacement of the locking systems. Why don’t you get in touch? We'll provide world class locking system and keep your valuables secure.

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