Locksmith Dubai - Broken Car Key Extraction

We realize that a large number of people contact locksmith Dubai professionals during an emergency. They were not really expecting to require the services of a Dubai Locksmith that day or night. Locksmith in Dubai are always prepared for such emergencies. They are licensed professionals that are generally available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Most are ready to arrive at your location and handle any type of lock emergency that arises. For example, we are contacted about lockouts to broken key problems requiring broken key extraction. We send our car locksmith or auto locksmith right to the caller's location to assist them immediately.

Broken Key Extraction

It happens more than you might think. A person slips their key into the car ignition and they hear a curious snap in the lock. Of course, they think perhaps it is just a clicking sound. However, they quickly discover that the key has broken in the lock. The first thing that they do is panic. However, we would like to assure our customers that there is no need to panic with a Dubai locksmith on their speed dial. Stop, and take a deep breath, before you make another move. Next, give the auto locksmith or car locksmith a call to assist you with the broken key extraction.

Broken Key Causes

Broken key extractions are a common occurrence with people that are constantly on the move and behind the wheel of their vehicle. Generally, the key gets stuck in the lock. The car owner tries to remove the key by working it back and forth or jamming the key further in the lock. The threads on the key are damaged and the key is totally useless and impossible to remove out of the lock without professional assistance from a locksmith in Dubai. A broken key is a frightening situation for an individual that relies on their vehicle to go to work or use it to travel around their location. Call our Locksmith Dubai office for immediate assistance, we extract the broken key from ignition, for the customer.


We will send a skilled technician to your location to extract the key with the proper tools. Never use tools that you have on hand to attempt a broken key extraction. Certainly, this might lead to damaging the vehicle and the ignition on the car. Once the key is removed, we will diagnose the real problem. Often, our technicians are able to cut a new key for the vehicle. Under other circumstances, the key is stuck and just too damaged to use again. Once again, this might be due to problems with the ignition or a problem with the key. Our Dubai locksmiths will take immediate steps to diagnose and remedy the problem.

We are available around the clock. Don't hesitate to contact our locksmith in Dubai for broken key extraction.

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